Appliances (large)

Appliances (large)
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The City of Berkeley does not accept any appliances heavier than 50lbs for bulky item pickup, and does not accept refrigerated appliances at the curb.

Appliances may be taken to Berkeley Recycling Center at 1201 Second St. Berkeley CA 94710. Handling rates may apply.

Stoves, ovens and ranges (working and non-working): contact William's Low Cost Appliances, 6432 San Pablo Ave. Emeryville, to see if they will accept.

*Look for "Refrigerators & Air Conditioners" in their own Resourceful listing.


There are markets for used, large appliances, like Craigslist and eBay, and local used appliance stores. Try to opt for energy & water efficient appliances. Use the smallest appliance that will safely and efficiently do the job you need to be done.


Large appliances are usually a mixed-materials item (various metals, various plastics and rubbers, hazardous materials, etc.), which means they are complex and need to be deconstructed to be recycled,..very labor intensive. Unless they are reconditioned for reuse, large appliances are usually turned into scrap metal, hazardous waste, and landfill materials.

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