Appliances (small, electric)


Updated on November 27, 2018



If in good shape, sell or donate. If not, you can recycle small electronic appliances at Berkeley Recycling Center 1201 2nd St. Berkeley, or eWaste Collective at 620 Page @ Second St. in Berkeley, or El Cerrito Recycling 7501 Schmidt Ln. El Cerrito, CA

Working appliances may need different treatment from non-working appliances.

Working appliances will need different treatment from non-working appliances. Consult the resource.


In general, buy fewer appliances. Prioritize quality over quantity and buy second-hand instead of new, if possible.


Electronic appliances often contain metals and/or chemicals that are hazardous in the regular waste stream and should never be placed in the regular landfill bin. Visit for a list of local places and companies that will accept appliances for proper disposal.

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