Christmas Tree (Not Flocked)

Christmas Tree (Not Flocked)
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Cut up your holiday tree to fit in your green cart with the lid closed for your normal weekly compost collection. You may also choose to drop your holiday tree off at the City’s Transfer Station (1201 2nd St.) at no charge during the month of January. After January 31st, any trees taken to the Berkeley Transfer Station will be charged the minimum compost fee of $23. Businesses who normally don’t have compost collection can call 311 (or 510-981-7270) to schedule a tree pick-up at the curb.

See "flocked Christmas tree disposal" for how to dispose of flocked (artificial snow) Christmas trees.


Consider a living tree next holiday season so you or your community can continue to enjoy the plant even after the season is over.


Composting your christmas tree after the holiday season helps reduce the environmental impact of cutting down the tree.

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