Gardening pots (plastic)

Gardening pots (plastic)
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Unusable small pots and flimsy plastic pots, six-packs or flimsy nursery trays can be placed in the grey cart (landfill).

Gardening pots are reusable as long as they are clean. All plastic gardening pots and flats can be reused, many times, before disposal. One gallon and larger nursery pots, and square nursery flats can be rinsed off and may be returnable at many local, nursery businesses.


Newspaper, toilet paper roll, or peat pots provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic pots. The paper pots decompose quickly in soil, which means you can transplant the entire pots into a garden instead of only the seedlings in the pots, minimizing root disturbance to the delicate seedlings. Peat pots are a bit more expensive but add valuable, organic mater and water retention qualities.

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Local nurseries include Berkeley Horticulture, East Bay Nursery, the Dry Garden, and others, may accept clean, used pots and nursery flats or trays.

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