Updated on July 23, 2020



Effective January 1, 2020, all clean, dry mattresses (including futon mattresses) and box springs are accepted for recycling at the Berkeley Transfer Station at 1201 Second Street (Mon-Sat 8am-430pm). California residents can drop off up to two mattresses or box springs at no charge. Commercial customers pay the standard rate for all mattresses and box springs Note the specific conditions accepted below.

Another free drop-off location is They have limited hours, so see the website.

This is for mattresses and boxsprings. There are limitations. No wet, moldy or heavily soiled mattresses, or bedbug infested mattresses No damaged, twisted, punctured or crushed mattresses. No mattress pads or toppers. No sofa beds, futons, collapsible roll-away beds, or car beds. No pillows or cushions. No juvenile products (crib mattresses, carriages, baskets, dressing tables, strollers, playpens, infant carriers, lounge pads, or crib bumpers. No sleeping bags. NO OUT-OF-STATE mattresses.


Use for as long as possible before disposal. Or if in good condition try reselling or donating it.


Have you seen furniture left at curbside for extended periods of time expecting someone else to pick it up? This may be considered illegal dumping and can be penalized by a fine.

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