Updated on July 16, 2019



Non-container glass such as mirrors, windows, drinking glasses, dishes, and other ceramics are contaminants and must be placed in the grey landfill cart whether they are intact or broken. For safety, broken glass should be placed inside a paper bag or other container and labeled as “broken glass”. Larger broken mirrors can be put out with annual residential "bulky item" collection, in your neighborhood, but please tape the broken mirror to avoid shattering during collection. Tape around the perimeter edge and place an "X" across the face of the mirror, with strong tape.


Look for builders, designers, or artists who might reuse windows or mirrors, and donate them.


Drinking glasses can not be recycled because they contain added chemicals. The chemicals are needed so that this type of glass can be tougher to hold both hot and cold beverages, but that also means the glass has a different melting point than the types of glass typically put in recycling bins. Mirror and window glass may also have chemical additives, making them unfit for recycling.

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