Plastic Bags, Wrap & Film

Plastic Bags, Wrap & Film
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Although your curbside collection doesn't pick up thin plastic film, you can collect bubble wrap & air pillows (deflate both), plastic bags, and plastic wrap in a single plastic bag until it's the size of a basketball to drop off at a large, chain, grocery store. Due to the crash of the recycling market, many smaller locations are no longer taking plastic film.

As of July 2021, the stores that currently accept plastic film in the Berkeley area include: Target (University Ave. and in Albany), Whole Foods (both Gilman Street, and Telegraph Ave.), Safeway on Shattuck and Walmart stores. Please call ahead before recycling, as services can change.

If you don't bring to a collection site, plastic bags must go into the landfill.

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Keep a reusable bag on hand for spontaneous and planned shopping trips. Opt for reusable packaging options made out of materials such as cloth, beeswax, metal, etc.


In 2008, the average American family took home ~1,500 plastic shopping bags a year.

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