Polystyrene Foam Peanuts


Updated on July 16, 2019



Place in gray cart. If peanuts are polystyrene, sometimes local shipping companies such as FedEx or UPS will accept and reuse them. Polystyrene foam peanuts can be reused repeatedly.

However, some peanuts are made of compostable starch. Test them by running under warm water,..if they melt, they are starch based. Water-soluble pellets are compostable. Also, a starch peanut will have little or no electro-static charge (it won’t cling to you or to other items).


Buy local instead of online. When you do buy online, group your purchases, don't opt for extra-fast shipping, and request less and recyclable packaging. After you receive your purchase, try to reuse all packaging again before any disposal.


Styrofoam is not compostable or recyclable. Styrene, a component of polystyrene, is a harmful chemical that is classified as a carcinogen and can leech into food and drink.

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