PVC pipe

PVC pipe
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PVC is not recyclable, and must go in the landfill (grey) bin if not reused. PVC pipe of a sizable length should be reused, if possible. Offer it to Urban Ore in Berkeley, if you can not reuse it yourself.


Piping can be made with other types of materials, such as copper, chromed copper, chromed brass, galvanized iron, cast iron, and black iron, and the choice of these materials will depend upon their function.

Consider contacting plumbers, gardens, builders, etc. to see if they have any way to reuse old PVC pipe.

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PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is partly made of vinyl, and is a highly toxic material during manufacturing, and if ever burned. PVC in its common state is rigid, like PVC pipe. Polyvinyl can be made flexible with the use of "plasticizer" chemical additives, most commonly phthalate esters (many phthalates are hormone-disrupting chemicals).

PVC pipes & fittings held the largest share (42%) of the polyvinyl market in 2016, with a total of about 41.3 million tons consumed (purchased) world-wide.

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