Shoe Boxes


Updated on November 27, 2018



Break down the box first. Most shoe boxes are made of paperboard. If the shoe box is plastic or partially plastic, only the paper material can be recycled if it is separated prior to placement in your blue recycling cart.


Purchase shoes without the box either secondhand or by leaving the box at the store. Reuse the box for storage, gift wrapping, etc.


Fibrous material is turned into pulp (paper)/pulp and pressed, to create one or more layers of paperboard, used in most shoe boxes. The fibrous materials can come from hard woods (short fibers), soft woods (long fibers), or recycled paper. Used paper is collected and sorted and usually mixed with virgin, long fibres in order to make new material. This is necessary as the recycled fibre often loses strength when reused; the added virgin fibres enhance strength.

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