Styrofoam (General, Take-Out Boxes)

Styrofoam (General, Take-Out Boxes)
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Put in the gray landfill cart.

Note: Food vendors are prohibited from utilizing Styrofoam take-out boxes in Berkeley. You may report vendors using Styrofoam by sending an email to or calling City of Berkeley Environmental Health at 510-981-5310.


Opt for a reusable container instead, e.g. metal, glass, or reusable plastic, and carry them with you. Then offer them for the restaurant to fill when you want take-out foods.


Styrofoam is not compostable or generally recyclable. Expanded polystyrene foam or EPS, is commonly known as styrofoam. Styrene, a component of polystyrene, is a harmful chemical that is classified as a carcinogen and can leach from the container into the food or the drink.

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