Toys with Electronics or Batteries


Updated on November 27, 2018



If in good shape, sell or donate. If not, place in gray landfill cart, but remove batteries first. If the toy is larger than your cart capacity, the City of Berkeley offers 1 Bulky Waste Pick-up per calendar year for single-family homes and multi-unit residential buildings up to 4 units. The City of Berkeley offers 1 bulky waste pick-up per calendar year for residential properties with 4 or less units.


In general, buy fewer electronics and look for refurbished options. Opt for wooden or even silicone toys made without harsh chemicals.


In 2016, Americans tossed out 45 million tons of electronics, including a million tons of chargers! Less than 20% of this waste was recycled. The rest pollutes land and water in countries where this material is received.

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