Vinyl banners


Updated on November 8, 2019



Vinyl, #3 plastic in general, is not recyclable. Vinyl banners or vinyl signage is landfill, unless you wish to paint over the existing message on the banner, for reuse.


Instead of using less costly, fossil fuel, plastic material (PVC) for your banner, try a more natural material, like organic cotton, organic hemp, organic bamboo, wool, etc. All of these natural fabrics may be initially more expensive, and you may need to pay an artist, but in the long run, they are vastly less expensive on our environment, and they probably don't support the fossil fuel industry.


Vinyl (polyvinyl) is a highly toxic material during manufacturing, and if ever burned. Polyvinyl in its common state is rigid, like PVC pipe. Polyvinyl can be made flexible with the use of "plasticizer" chemical additives, most commonly phthalate esters. These plasticizers are also generally toxic materials, even carcinogens.

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