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Branches, Shrubs, & Twigs

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Branches, Shrubs, & Twigs


Break branches down to fit in your green cart. Branches must be smaller than 3" in diameter and less than 3' long. Please shake dirt off roots. All materials must fit inside cart with the lid closed.


Consider starting your own compost in your yard, and use it as fertilizer to grow your own food and flowers.


Leftover holiday trees from the winter months may be cut and placed inside your green cart for your normal weekly compost collection. If that is not possible, you can place your holiday tree at the curb on your normal collection day during the month of January. Trees left at the curb must be cut to a maximum of 4 feet tall.

Other Items

Napkins & Tissues
Christmas Tree (Not Flocked)
Paperboard Milk Cartons
Paper Take-Out Boxes
Food Grease
Paper Cups
Paper Towels
Paper Clamshells
Greasy Pizza Boxes
Cotton Balls, Q-Tips, & Swabs
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