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Clothes, Fabric, Textiles, Rags

Clothes, Fabric, Textiles, Rags
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If clothing is in good shape, donate to thrift stores. If it is not suitable for reuse or reselling, call thrift stores to ask if they accept textiles; answer will depend on location. If they do accept textiles for recycling.

Otherwise, contact the LASAN Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489 for information on how to dispose of the materials.


In general, buy fewer clothes. Prioritize quality over quantity and buy second-hand instead of new, if possible. Host a clothing swap, or resell your clothes at a local second-hand boutique or consignment store. The better the quality of the item, the better its resale value, and the longer its lifespan, whether it's in your closet or someone else's.


Many Salvation Army stores, Goodwill stores, St. Vincent De Paul stores, and I:CO drop-boxes (in commercial businesses) accept clothes, fabric, and textiles.

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