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Compostable Bags

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Compostable Bags


Make sure that the bags are labeled "compostable." If labeled "biodegradable", unfortunately, put them in the landfill.


Not using a bag is best. However, you can use a paper bag or newspaper to line your kitchen compost bin if you want a barrier. The soiled paper can then go directly into the compost as well.


In general, "Biodegradable" waste products have a one year or longer breakdown requirement and are intended for deposit in landfill settings, while compostable waste products have a weekly to monthly breakdown requirement and are intended for deposit in compost facilities.

Other Items

Branches, Shrubs, & Twigs
Coffee Grounds & Filter
Grass & Weeds
Compostable Cups, Plates, Bowls, & Utensils
Leftovers & Spoiled Food
Napkins & Tissues
Paper Clamshells
Tea Bags
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