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Fuel & Propane Tanks

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Fuel & Propane Tanks


Schedule a free pick up, take to a designated drop off location, or the SF Transfer Station. Residential customers may schedule two free curbside pickups each calendar year.

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Opt for devices and appliances that can be powered by electricity.Consider a refillable propane canister when camping.


For cylinders other than bbq grill propane, (i.e. oxygen canisters, RV propane tanks), call the manufacturer or distributor on the canister, or contact a medical supply company for take back or refill programs. Refillable 1 lb camping propane cylinders are now available locally for purchase & refill.Old, rusty or unknown cylinders may be taken to a scrap metal company once they have been completely emptied with the valves safely removed. Companies that specialize in gas cylinders offer this service.

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