Holiday Wreaths

Holiday Wreaths
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Live wreaths and garlands often contain wiring and ribbons to hold them together. To compost a live wreath or garland please separate the materials first. All green goods can be placed in the green compost cart. The metal wiring can be recycled via "drop-off" at the Berkeley Recycling Center. For ribbons, refer to our "ribbon" category.

Synthetic wreaths and garlands should not be composted or recycled, but sent to landfill (grey cart). Consider reusing your synthetic wreath or garland for future years, or gifting it to a friend, or donating it to a second hand store, hospital, hospice, or shelter.


Want to give your wreath or tree another life? Get creative! You can put your tree in your yard as a bird habitat. Secure it by wiring it to a post or deck; nailing it to a flat wooden base and anchoring it with a rope and three stakes; or supporting the trunk in a 5 gallon bucket filled with damp sand. Set a bird feeder near it or string it with peanut buttered-pine cones, strings of popcorn or peanuts, dried fruit or suet.

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Many natural, dried wreaths can be used year after year, although they must be carefully stored and handled. They are delicate. It will depend upon the natural materials used.

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