Padded Mailers

Padded Mailers
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Plastic mailers should be placed in the landfill cart (despite many having the chasing arrows/”recycle symbol” on them). Additionally, padded paper envelopes are also not recyclable as most are mixed material items, which are difficult to recycle. Paper envelopes with plastic padding go in the gray cart. Paper envelopes with paper padding go in the blue cart. Paper envelopes with windows made of cellulose are recyclable and can go in the blue cart.


Use recyclable envelopes or a common paper envelope, then insert a padded material into the envelope, which can be separated from the paper for recycling, later. Also consider reusing your padded envelopes the next time you need to mail something.


Although convenient, most padded envelopes are not recyclable because it is difficult and expensive to seperate the plastic materials from the paper.

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