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Polystyrene/Polyurethane Foam, Blocks, or Sheets

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Polystyrene/Polyurethane Foam, Blocks, or Sheets


Place in landfill (gray) cart. The Packaging Store at 1625 University Ave. Berkeley, CA accepts styrofoam sheets for reuse.


Buy local instead of online. When you do buy online, group your purchases, don't opt for extra-fast shipping, and request less and recyclable packaging. After you receive your purchase, try to reuse the packaging again before disposal.


Try to use less of both these materials. Styrofoam (EPS, Expanded PolyStyrene) is not compostable and only commercially recyclable (meltable and reformable). Styrene, a component of polystyrene, is a harmful chemical that is classified as a carcinogen and can leech into food and drink.

Polyurethane foam is commonly used as bedding, furniture cushions, automotive interiors, carpet underlay, and rigid or flexible packaging. Rigid polyurethane foam can be used in roof and wall insulation. Polyurethane is not recyclable, but is reusable.

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