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Updated on January 1, 1970


Grocery store in South and West Berkeley, carries wide range of organic produce. They carry borax and washing soda.

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A San Francisco Bay Area wide organization for vegans, vegetarians, vegan-inclined and interested people to find community & support for vegetarianism with like-minded folks.

Many of us now realize that food waste is a big problem in the U.S. But did you know that a lot of that food is wasted in our homes—probably more than 40 percent in all. It may seem like just a little bit of leftover dinner going in the trash (or chilling away the guilt in the back of the freezer) but when all of us toss a little bit every week, it adds up to a tremendous amount of wasted food. Besides, there are other reasons up and down the food supply chain where food is wasted because of our bad food habits.

At Moonshot, we make crazy delicious snacks. The difference is, with each bite of our climate-friendly treats, you’re taking part in a movement that’s helping to tackle climate change. Talk about guilt-free snacking!

10am to 3pm every Saturday, rain or shine. The Ecology Center Farmers’ Markets are festive, family-friendly, open-air marketplaces where California farmers bring fresh, locally-grown produce and farm-processed foods to sell directly to consumers. Our markets feature fruits, vegetables, nuts, baked goods, jams and preserves, juices, olive oils, tofu, meat, cheese, prepared foods, nursery plants, and flowers. Often, musicians entertain the shoppers, and special events are scheduled throughout the year. We are committed to supporting small-scale farmers who practice sustainable agriculture, and we always accept WIC and EBT.

Infarm believes your food shouldn’t have travelled more than you have, so they grow everything in your city. Nutritious produce from all around the world, so fresh it is still living.

Leaving the right footprint with every step taken on the path to good coffee. Fairtrade values, love for the natural world, carbon balanced, roasting coffee with energy borrowed from the sun, organic coffee waste delivered back into the earth and packaging re-born to live once more.

The Bay Area Seed Interchange Library (BASIL) Project is part of a growing network of concerned farmers and community gardeners dedicated to conserving the remaining genetic diversity of our planet’s seed stock. We have created a library of healthy vegetable, herb, and flower seeds that are available free to the public at the Ecology Center in Berkeley. BASIL hopes to encourage good growing techniques by offering seed saving classes, access to literature, and one-to-one help from experienced seed savers. We are a dynamic group that needs your support and involvement!

Annuaire des producteurs locaux et agenda des marchés en France

Through Ardenwood's educational programs, visitors can see and participate in many activities common to a turn-of-the-century farm. Weekdays, naturalists provide programs for school classes and other groups by reservation. Non-reservation weekend programs include the planting, tending and harvesting of Ardenwood's organic crops, farm chore demonstrations, and hands-on experiences for the whole family. They offer tours of the Patterson house on the property.

Fy is a nutritional fungi protein, and a complete protein at that, with all 9 essential amino acids. It’s a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Growing it with our breakthrough fermentation technology uses just a fraction of the water, land, and energy compared to traditional protein sources. Fy is the versatile protein the planet needs now.

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