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Abundant Earth

Carries a wide-array of environmentally sensitive products. Air & water purification, organic bedding, home furnishing, recycled items, rotating compost tumblers and other compost systems, can-o-worms and worm-a-way worm compost bins, rain barrels, and more.

Autumn Express

A fair trade and eco-friendly shop in the heart of San Francisco, offering fair trade gifts, wedding invitations, party favors, wedding journals, etc., using recycled and tree-free paper.

Artha Handmade Hemp Soaps

Since 1993 Artha Hemp Soaps have been made by hand in small batches with the finest whole ingredients. The proprietary recipe evolved from recipes that are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years old. The soap is made with food grade coconut oil, California olive oil, California rainwater, and alkali (from sea salt). I superfat the soap with nourishing hemp seed oil, and then add a unique combination of ingredients: aromatherapy-grade plant oils called essential oils (never synthetic fragrances) whole grain flours, ground nuts, herbs, spices, and plant roots, gums & resins. These are ingredients which have proven to be safe over the millennia. Glycerin, a natural by-product of soapmaking, is left in the soap. It hydrates the skin by drawing moisture from the air.

Artist and Craftsman Supply

Carries traditional milk paints, egg tempura paints, water-based silk screening, and block printing inks.


Selling your electronics just got easy.

Arch Drafting Supply Inc.

Carries some recycled paper and office products and supplies: sketch books, 8 1/2 x 11, and paper rolls.

Baby Eco Trends

An online store for natural baby products, including cribs, bedding, toys, and more.


Disposable 100% cotton diapers

Advanced European Tailoring

Performs dry cleaning services using a non-PERC petrochemical method.

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