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Updated on September 20, 2019


The Little Acre is a Bay Area, mini-farming, consulting and maintenance business utilizing the principles of Permaculture and the methods of Biointensive farming to create productive and regenerative closed-loop systems. Our expertise helps create beautiful, edible and medicinal gardens that nourish the ecosystem and our clients while reconnecting them to the land. They also consult rainwater and greywater systems and do installations primarily with Greywater Action.

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Established in 2000 by Tom Zimmer and Susan Willsrud, the farm has experience much change and growth over 16 years. What began as a small CSA has become a thriving hub for on-farm field trips, workshops, farmer training program, animals, fiber production, and vegetable production. In the city of Fairbanks, Calypso engages with its community through the 5 school gardens of the School Gardens Initiative and the Southside Community Farmer’s Market.

Public interest organization dedicated to building a healthy, safe, and sustainable system of food production and consumption. Sustainable agriculture advocates with lots of work and info around genetic engineering. Serves as a global clearinghouse for information and grassroots technical assistance.

Buttercup Farms is non-profit whose primary mission can be summed up in the words “helping others help themselves”. It has a 25 year history of service providing a supportive environment for people with emotional, mental or physical challenges who seek change in their lives. Offers a CSA produce box for people in the Concord/Clayton area.

Snow Seed and Supplies Inc. are CCOF Certified Organic handler’s in both seed and vegetable transplants as we believe that this facilitates our farmer’s efforts to comply with the continuously changing environment. We are continuously focused on expanding our collective knowledge by engaging in trials, research, and farmer feedback in order to be a powerful tool to the community each and every season.

The Equitable Food Initiative is a unique partnership among businesses and organizations that have come together to develop standards, training processes and a certification to protect farm workers and produce safer, healthier food. This approach creates additional value and quality throughout the food system, benefiting workers, growers, retailers and consumers alike.

Sustainable organic wines, bread, olive oil, etc. Uses vegetable oil and solar energy to power their facilities and equipment.

APHIS provides leadership in ensuring the health and care of animals and plants.

Farmers' market Fridays, 8:00 to 14:00 open year-round.

Western SARE engages farmers and ranchers through requiring that all grant proposals include producer participation and demonstrate outreach to producers, assigning seats to producers on the decision-making Administrative Council, and sponsoring sub-regional listening sessions.

Organic farm in Southern California. Farm based education. Farm-to-school programs, cooking and gardening classes, farm festivals, guided tours, lectures, apprenticeships, and outreach and consultation to schools and communities nationwide. Farm is open to the public everyday from 10am until sunset. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) offered with Tuesday and Thursday pickups.

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