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Small Bottles (medicine, Rx, pills)

Small Bottles (medicine, Rx, pills)
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For proper disposal, find a MED Project kiosk location ( near you. Otherwise, put in the gray landfill cart. These small plastic bottles are too small to be included in the curbside recycling. They are considered landfill, unless you want to save them.

Find a drop-off location


If you can find an artisan, a craftsperson, a handyman, or someone that has a need for small containers, offer yours to them.

If you collect a large quantity of them you can contact organizations such as for collection. Here are some other resources related to pill bottle recycling and medical waste:


Most of these small, hard plastic containers are made of #5 plastic resin, polypropylene. The cap is usually a LDPE #4 plastic resin, polyethylene.

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