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Updated on December 6, 2019



Is this item derived from beeswax or petroleum ? A beeswax item maybe melted down, and formed into a thin layer, on a sheet of paper or cardboard, and then placed in the green, compost cart. If the wax is a synthetic, petroleum based item, that is landfill, and goes into the grey cart. If you are unsure where the wax material comes from, then landfill it.


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Most wax materials can be melted and reformed into new shapes for new uses.


Beeswax is a natural material. It has been claimed that paraffin wax releases toxic fumes when burnt, which has contributed to its fall out of favour. In 2009, a study by South Carolina State University found that burning paraffin wax candles give off harmful fumes (toluene and benzene) which are linked to asthma and lung cancer.

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