Animal Poop & Litter

Animal Poop & Litter
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For health and safety, pet solid waste and kitty litter (or sand) must go in gray cart (landfill). Harmful bacteria can live in the waste, meaning it should not be composted in your green bin. Even if you use compostable bags, they must go into the grey landfill container. Pet waste should not be put into backyard compost, either.


Pet waste is not accepted in municipal compost, but private composting of animal waste products is supported by commonly available literature from the USDA and on various online resources. Any "finished" pet waste compost, should also cure for 9 months to 1 year, before being used to amend soil for non-edible plants.

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Pet feces contains pathogens and pollutants that are not suitable for water treatment or municipal compost. It also discolors lawns and may contaminate them with dangerous organisms, if allowed to pass into the soil.

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