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The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) was created by the Legislature in 1967. The joint authority of water allocation and water quality protection enables the State Water Board to provide comprehensive protection for California's waters. There are nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards (Regional Boards). The mission of the Regional Boards is to develop and enforce water quality objectives and implementation plans that will best protect the State's waters, recognizing local differences in climate, topography, geology and hydrology. The task of protecting and enforcing the many uses of water, including the needs of industry, agriculture, municipal districts, and the environment is an ongoing challenge for the State and Regional Water Quality Control Boards.

Publishes the River and Watershed Conservation Directory, a listing of over 3,500 grassroots river and watershed conservation groups in the US. Listing also includes federal agencies and national nonprofit organizations dedicated to restoring and protecting our waterways.

NOAA Marine Debris Program has led national and international efforts to research, prevent, and reduce the impacts of marine debris. The program also spearheads national research efforts and works to change behavior in the public through outreach and education initiatives.

BlueBarrel is your one-stop shop for do-it-yourself (DIY) rainwater harvesting. They provide the tools, materials, and know-how you need to build your own rainwater catchment system on the cheap!

Leads conservation efforts to restore and preserve rivers for future generations.

Website offers water conservation, rainwater catchment and greywater information. Also features a virtual "Water Saver Home Tour". MMWD sustainably manages the water supply for ten towns and cities in 147 square miles of south and central Marin County. Volunteer positions are listed on web site under the Jobs at MMWD heading.

The Watershed Agricultural Council (also known as “WAC” or “the Council”) works with farm and forest landowners in the New York City Watershed region to protect water quality on behalf of nine million New York residents.

Provides information, books, products, and services on greywater systems, rainwater catchment, water storage, composting toilets. Website has extensive online info. Publishes the classic guides "Create an Oasis with Greywater" and "Branched Drain Greywater Systems." See the Greywater Central link, under "Browse whole site at a glance—".

BAWSCA represents the interests of 25 cities and water districts, and two private utilities, that purchase water wholesale from the San Francisco regional water system. The entities provide water to 1.7 million people, businesses and community organizations in Alameda, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

A nonprofit whose mission is to preserve the nation's network of estuaries by protecting and restoring the lands and waters essential to the richness and diversity of coastal life.

Publicly owned water district that provides water for residents within Alameda and Contra Costa County in California. Controls industrial pretreatment programs and issues permits prohibiting hazardous discharges. Runs a variety of programs, including education and outreach designed to help residents with toxic wastewater disposal questions. Offers rebates and incentives for residential and commercial water conservation measures. Web site features information on water conservation and recycling, greywater, and rebates.

WaterSprout is a design/build firm specializing in greywater, rainwater, and water-use monitoring. As a trusted leader in the field, WaterSprout continues to pioneer many of the first permitted alternative water systems in cities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our greywater and rainwater systems save water, meet LEED qualifications, meet the CA codes, and meet all local permitting requirements. Engineered for efficiency and longevity, our water reuse systems have been refined over many years of experience. We use only the highest quality materials. All of our work is covered by warranty. With the State of California in a declared drought, our systems are a powerful answer to moving forward in a water wise world. As awareness of water issues heightens, we meet the need with innovative solutions.

Their mission is to educate the public about the region's water plight, and to offer and inspire attainable solutions. They do this through education and raising public awareness, consultation and design, products and installation. Offering these services: water efficient landscaping, rainwater harvesting, tanks & rainbarrels, pumps & controls, filters, accessories, books and classes.

Website features the "Guide to Conserving Water Through Rainwater Harvesting and Graywater Reuse", Chapter 16A of the California Plumbing Code, plus several links and resources.

H2OME offers consultations on water reuse and storage opportunities in San Diego. They provide a solution from consultation to installation, including passive and active rainwater harvesting and greywater use in conjunction with appropriate plantings and landscaping.

This is the main page of the California Dep't. of Water Resources, Office of Water Use Efficiency and Transfers, and leads to water management resources and regulations.

Consult, design and install grey water systems, rainwater harvesting strategies, integrated site/building plans for water and energy conservation. Their mission is to create a regenerative water culture in the San Diego bioregion by utilizing Permaculture principles that promote simple living. They host workshops on grey water installation, rainwater harvesting and natural building. Offers greywater to garden kits for sale on website.

The ReWater system captures, filters, and reuses shower, tub, bathroom sink, laundry, and other sources of good water (greywater or graywater), 50% of all water used inside a residence.

Online sale of plans for do-it-yourself greywater recycling system. Resource listings for greywater and water storage systems.

A green building technology supplier specializing in water Catchment systems, based in Baltimore, Maryland.

The web site companion to the book series, Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands, Vols. 1 & 2, by Brad Lancaster. Includes background info, principles, materials list, calculations, Greywater harvesting, a plant list for Arizona, and much more.

Nonprofit organization creating a better understanding of water issues by resolving water resource problems via educational programs. They also offer a variety of tours.

Wholly H2O’s mission is to equip Californians with the information and skills necessary to normalize water conservation and efficiency, as well as rainwater, graywater, stormwater, and black water reuse/recycling. Website includes a product and service directory, best practices, and more.

Online seller of affordable rain barrels that connect directly to your rain gutters' downspout tubes, have threaded brass spigots and overflows (for garden hose). They sell exclusively online (to cut out the middleman) and offer free, fast shipping (to anywhere in the U.S). They can create custom designs.

Makers of pervious, permeable and porous pavements such as Grasspave and Gravelpave, the drainage surface Draincore, the erosion control product Slopetame, as well as the water catchment technology Rainstore. The entire product line is manufactured from some or all recycled plastics - HDPE, HIPP, and LDPE. Contact the company via their website to find a local retailer.

They make high quality, water efficient, and eco-friendly toilets, baths, lavatories, washlets, showers, faucets, and bidets.

An exclusive purveyor of water & liquid storage and retention tanks ranging from several 100 gallons to over a 1,000,000 gallons. A woman owned & run business based in Northern CA, all our products are American made, and we are licensed general contractors in the State of California. Yard Address -- 4372 Sonoma Hwy Santa Rosa, CA. 95409

JDL Pump Systems manufactures packaged pumping systems and products such as booster systems, above ground sump and sewage lift stations, and other such products. They can also help you design and fabricate pumping systems to your specifications.

A California-based manufacturer and retailer of water storage tanks. For further information you can also contact support@watertanks.com

Based in southern California, Biosolutions offers products and provides installations for various rainwater and greywater systems, including wastewater reclamation and management systems for Municipalities, School Districts, Industry, and Residential Developments as well as individual homeowners.

Promotes rainwater catchment systems in the United States through educational opportunities and the exchange of information at Web site and nationwide workshops.

Founded in 1994 as a non-profit organization with the responsibility of fostering the development of the scientific understanding needed to protect and enhance the San Francisco Estuary. Their website also features a Web Query Tool so you can look up water quality on a map. http://eis.sfei.org/wqt/

Design sustainable solutions, is an industry leader when it comes to design and feasibility analysis of recycled water projects, designing recycled water distribution systems, preparing water resource conservation and drought protection plans, and designing wastewater treatment plants that produce high quality treated water suitable for reuse.

Greywater Action offers workshops on installing Greywater systems, and their web site is packed with information on Greywater, composting toilets, rainwater harvesting, dams, river restoration, sewers, and more. Web site also includes information on their publications, including "Dam Nation". Online Contact Form: greywateraction.org/contact

Alternative Solutions, Inc. sells food grade containers that can be used for rain water catchment systems, composters, grey water systems, emergency drinking water storage, and much more. They offer sizes ranging from 2.5 gallons up to 275 gallons. They have two locations.

Provides the public with access to information about the quality of water in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Surfrider's mission is protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. They develop campaigns in multiple communities to protect oceans in the categories of Clean Water, Beach Access and Preservation, and Protecting Special Places.

Largest statewide coalition of public water agencies in the US with over 430 members. Represents over 90% of water used in California. Promotes best water management practices via research and advocacy. ACWA’s involvement at the state and federal level has helped shape laws and policies that affect ACWA member agencies and their customers. Check their website for upcoming workshops, seminars, and other ways to get involved.

Conducts residential water survey audits, to review landscape and irrigation conditions in addition to evaluating indoor water use. The surveyor will then inform to the homeowner about the inefficiencies in their indoor and outdoor water use and provide information for making their overall water use more efficient.

An Ireland-based company that makes the Rainman rainwater recycling system. Phone: UK: 0844 - 2020 - 263 Phone: IRL: +353 - 44 - 93 - 74108

Accutest Laboratories is a nationwide environmental testing laboratory that tests water, soil, and air as well as many other specialized tests. Drinking water tests offered: Inorganic Chemistry (Perchlorate only).

Delta will provide chemical analysis following EPA methods for drinking, waste and sewer water. Delta is certified for analysis of hazardous materials in soil and liquids following SW-846 protocols. Delta's testing capabilities includes but not limited to: Volatile Organic Compounds, Metal Analysis and Emission Spectroscopy.

Wholesale distributor of graywater systems. Carrying a large inventory of products and ship in the U.S.

A group of organizations and individuals whose mission is to make reuse of greywater a critical and integral part of water conservation efforts, to faciliate local action around greywater implementation, to create a streamlined permitting process for greywater reuse in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

An association of nine cities, counties and special districts in the Russian River Watershed that have come together to coordinate regional programs for clean water, fisheries restoration and watershed enhancement. Website includes a map of safe medicine disposal locations in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.

Grateful Roots is dedicated to resource conservation in the East Bay of San Francisco, especially through household water re-use. Our growing awareness of the drought in California requires all of us to engage our creativity to fashion appropriate responses.

Sells oak barrels which can be used for rainwater catchment. Also sells beer, wine and vinegar making supplies. Will rent apple presses. Open 10-6 weekdays, 10-5 Saturday, closed Sunday.

Online source for rain barrels. Aquabarrel's rain barrel designs are developed by actual users of rain barrels. In-Stock rain barrels range in size from 30 gallons to 214 gallons. Carries downspout filters, downspout diverters, first flush roof washers, and mosquito control products too. Offers inexpensive parts kits (drill bits included) for making your own rain barrel.

Blue-Green Building: supporting low-impact development aimed at sustaining water and watersheds, so that nature can flourish even in cities. The water-friendly projects shown on their website are all east of San Francisco Bay, in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, California, USA. They include office buildings, schools, homes, parklands, even a cemetery. Possibilities include permeable surfaces, swales, detention basins, gardens, flow-through planters, green roofs, and cisterns.

A rainwater catchment installation company that offers seamless gutters, rain barrels, large capacity tanks, pumps, filters, rain chains, and more. Will assess your roof system and help you to determine whether you can harvest potable water or if it's best to create a system for plant watering. Proposals are offered free of charge for clients in San Diego area.

Offering water tanks, rain barrels, compost bins, emergency water supply tanks, trash cans, recycling bins, rolling utility carts, dollies, and all sorts of plastic, aluminum and steel tanks and containers for many and varied uses. This is a store front business in Ukiah, CA, but they have 8 other stores across the U.S., and an online business at the 855 number and on the general website.

Environmental consultant who offers comprehensive environmental planning and engineering, wastewater and water quality planning.

Offering informational publications on water conservation, rainwater harvesting, and greywater. Discounted Rain Barrel and Cistern Program for San Francisco residents. Website sections on: Rebates and Incentives, Residential Toilets, Residential Washers, Solar, Rainwater, Harvesting, Commercial Toilets, Commercial Washers, Commercial Urinals, Graywater, Direct High-Efficiency Toilet Installation, and a Water Efficient Equipment Retrofits Grant Program.

A water, soil and food testing lab. Samples can be either brought in or collected by the lab. Water tests offered: Microbiology, Inorganic Chemistry, and Toxic Chemical Elements.

Water public policy advocacy, education, research, greywater reuse, workshops, new water efficiency technology, working in Southern Arizona.

A community-based non-profit group that works collaboratively to assess, protect, maintain, and restore the ecosystems of California's Salmon River watershed.

Bushman is a manufacturer of polyethylene rainwater storage tanks and high grade thermoplastic enclosures for irrigation and utility applications. Their website includes rainwater harvesting FAQs.

Ocean Conservancy works to keep the ocean healthy through initiatives to support sustainable fisheries, work for trash free seas and foster marine protected areas. They champion sound science that will lead to innovative, sustainable solutions.

Factsheet on East Bay water quality. FAQs including common contaminants, safety, testing and filtration options.

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