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Gas and electric utilities service provider. PGE Smarter Energy Line has energy efficiency advisers on call for residents. They give info about energy related topics and offer advice on window replacement, energy efficiency, appliance rebates, and energy partners for low income people (free weatherization). Website has energy calculator and more.

A quarterly journal of straw bale and natural building. Their website has back issues, online issues, a calendar, apprenticeships, internships & job opportunities, a section on real estate and properties available, a resources list, and a registry of straw bale buildings. Includes a blog for people to discuss articles, hear guest opinions, and share straw bale resources.

Ashby Plumbing and Heating Supply is a helpful plumbing store that can answer some questions about greywater system installation and carries plumbing and some greywater system supplies. Carries Takagi on-demand water heaters and supplies.

American Soil Products is a soil mixer and supplier. They also sell bulk soil and amendments.

Alternative and traditional pet clinic offering acupuncture, herbs, and homeopathy from licensed vets.

A full-service design / build firm that specializes in sustainable design and construction practices, making affordable buildings and communities that provide the highest levels of energy efficiency, resource conservation, human comfort, and social responsibility.

Sustainable floral and event design. Sells locally grown and organic flowers and plants, recycled paper cards, upcycled jewelry, terrariums made from found objects, vintage and recycled glassware and home decour.

They sell bamboo home improvement products: flooring, fencing, decking, plywood, lumber, poles, paneling, slats, edging, matting, and thatch. Cali Bamboo currently donates 1% of its revenue to various environmental organizations and will only sell products that are sustainable and do not impact the planet negatively.

Providing major and minor residential and commercial repair services. Offers some Energy Efficiency services, such as insulation, programmable thermostats, water-saving showerheads, and more. Serving the East Bay.

Drainbo sells drain cleaner and septic system treatment products that are all natural, nontoxic and 100% safe for the environment.

Beautiful. Sustainable. Handcrafted in California. Metro Lighting builds lamps and fixtures in-house, in Berkeley. Many of their glass shades are crafted in Northern California, some of which are made from recycled glass, or repurposed items such as wine or liquor bottles, telephone pole insulators, and traffic lenses. Their award-winning facility also produces 100% of their power. High-efficiency light engines are available for every fixture. Metro Lighting has been an Alameda County Certified Green Business since 2006.

Providing cellulose and radiant barrier insulation for attics, walls and floors.

The Skillet Doctor is a cast iron recovery service started by Seth Affoumado. He can re-season, renew and help you to reuse your cast iron cookware even if you think it's rusted beyond repair!

Regulates investor owned public utilities. Responds to telephone, gas, electric, water, and sewer service questions. Complaints against movers, household goods, and passenger carriers, 800-366-4782. Complaints about illegal trucking companies, 800-877-9444.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is a department of the City and County of San Francisco that provides water, wastewater, and municipal power services to San Francisco. Under contracts with 28 wholesale water agencies, the SFPUC also supplies water to 1.6 million additional customers within three Bay Area counties, and provides four distinct services: Regional Water, Local Water, Wastewater (collection, treatment and disposal), and Power. The Stormwater Management page includes practical information on rainwater harvesting. SF residents ages 10 and up can tour the wastewater treatment plant -- schedule of tours and registration available online. Online Contact form here: http://sfwater.org/tours If you are experiencing a water or sewer emergency or service problem call our 24-hour hotline at 3-1-1 or log on at www.sf311.org.

Supplies organic paints and other natural products: natural impregnation's, varnishes and waxes; natural resin lacquers; wall paints and glues; natural cleansers and polishes; plant colors for painting and modeling.

Factsheet on greywater-compatible practices. Learn about ingredients in cleaning products, laundry detergent and soaps that are safe for greywater systems.

Bay Area Bee Busters provides residential and commercial bee & wasp control in a safe and humane fashion. They are fully insured and include a licensed general contractor. They are NOT a Pest Control Company, they are a Bee and Wasp removal company.

A watchdog of the Public Utilities Commission, they support "lifeline" service rates and advocate strong conservation measures. Information on environmental health topics such as SMART meters, EMFs, cell phones.

BIRC specializes in finding non-toxic and least-toxic, integrated pest management (IPM) solutions to urban and agricultural pest problems. They sell publications on IPM and alternative solutions to pest problems. The BIRC publication IPM for Schools has information about how to make the conversion in schools.

Chem-Dry utilizes water-saving technology in its carpet cleaning service. Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process uses only about one-fifth the volume of water as traditional steam cleaning. Instead of relying on the volume and pressure of the water to release the dirt particles, the carbonated bubbles from The Natural™ gently agitate and lift the dirt and allergens away. Every ingredient in The Natural™ is on the FDA G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list.

What you, or your family, touch, taste, breathe, or swallow could be harmful! Get help and information about poisonous and toxic substances from the California Poison Control System. The California Poison Control System provides immediate, free, and expert treatment advice and referral over the telephone in case of exposure to poisonous or toxic substances. Pharmacists, nurses, and poison information providers answer the calls to 1-800-222-1222 and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Language interpreters are always available, just say the language you need when you call.

This vendor handles: Asphalt (Asphalt with Petromat accepted) Bricks: Broken Cinder Blocks - Recycle Concrete Concrete With Rebar (Rebar must be less than 6 inches) Dirt / Clean Fill (No contaminants or organic material) Rock / Gravel: Clean

Natural Building Services -- offers a variety of green ecological building services. They specialize in hand-made, non-toxic natural wall finishes (natural plasters and paints), and work with straw bale, adobe floors, light straw clay, earth ovens, cob construction methods, and creating super insulated wall systems. Provides installation, workshops, and consultations.

Factsheet on non-toxic mice and rat control in the home.

Synergy Enterprises is a certified contractor for the asbestos removal and air testing. For 22 years., our clients are our best ambassadors, and our mission is to provide the best value and service in the areas of asbestos removal, mold abatement, the removal of lead-based paint, cleanup of rodent droppings that pose hazards. We: provide free competitive and timely estimates • Are a licensed, bonded, established company • Provide sampling - quick and affordable results • Create a one stop shop for haz-mat and insulation issues • Provide helpful contacts for proven contractors and vendors

A woman owned, general structural pest management business. They use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, and they are Green Pro Certified. Their service includes assessment, repairs (exclusion), bait (outdoors) and trapping (indoors), and extended monitoring. Prefers to use no pesticide.

Hardware and building supplies store whose products include FSC lumber, low-VOC adhesives and sealants, CFLs, cotton insulation, and more.

City department responsible for rental housing issues in San Francisco.

The Green Product Directory provides an independent source of trusted green home improvement products and detailed tips. The nonprofit Build It Green and Alameda County’s StopWaste teamed up to create this resource, which makes it easier for homeowners to identify the types of products – from appliances and shower heads to countertops and flooring – that can save them money and make any home healthier and more beautiful and comfortable.

The courses in the program are designed to meet the needs of both the home gardener and the professional wanting to gain more knowledge in environmental landscaping. The curriculum is planned so that graduates, depending upon their interests, abilities, and achievement, may qualify for employment in a wide variety of capacities, from outdoor work to working with high-tech equipment.

GreenGrid is a modular green roofing system.

Provides the following services -- Healthy Building Inspections: Air Quality & Allergen Inspections; Building Biology Environmental Assessments; Electromagnetic Field (EMF/EMR) Surveys; Moisture & Mold Inspections. Environmental Testing: Air Quality; Bacteria and Mold; Lead and Heavy Metals; Soil Sampling; Water Quality. Green Building Consulting: Building Biology; Eco-Charrettes; Green Point Rated; Healthy Material Research; LEED; Specification and Plan Reviews.

Cohousing community.

Will supply mosquito fish for garden ponds.

ACCMA is a professional association of physicians who are committed to addressing health issues of concern to patients and doctors in the East Bay. Throughout its history the ACCMA has sought to improve public health, the quality of the practice of medicine and patients' access to care.

The ALA is a trade association representing the lighting industry. Members include lighting, dimming controls and ceiling fan manufacturers, retail showrooms, sales representatives and professional residential lighting designers. Consumers can find local ALA member retail lighting showrooms, as well as information and tips for lighting and decorating their home. Information is also available about various types of lighting and lighting products.

Kruse Company repairs and maintains plumbing, heating, cooling, sewage and greywater systems for homeowners and businesses in Berkeley, Oakland, and throughout the Bay Area. They do this using low-impact sustainable systems.

Alaska Craftsman Home Program was organized in 1988 for the charitable and educational purpose of promoting energy efficient buildings that are cost effective, healthy and durable. Offers a variety of workshops, publications, videos, and computer programs showcasing energy conscious home improvement. Publish Northern Building Science, a bimonthly publication.

Bird vs. Bird Designs comes to you from the studio/brain/heart of Bess Petty. I’m an Oakland, CA based maker with a background in both fine art and graphic design, and with a life-long love of nature. From pencil sketches to finished illustrations, and from prototypes to packaging to sewing, every product is created by me and features my original artwork.

Alisa owns and runs a Bay-Friendly Qualified Business. She is an interior/exterior, Eco Feng Shui Designer/Consultant/DIY, Coach/Author/Educator, offering Organic/Permaculture Garden Care and Installation. Alisa works on the phone, and on site, all over the Bay Area. She is available for presentations. She also works as a Certified Green Building Consultant/Designer and Green Accredited Professional for Healthy Interiors.

Alpine Air Corp. provides professional indoor air quality control machine rentals for residential and commercial customers in Southern California. They specialize in HEPA Air Scrubber rentals and assist our clients for negative air pressure set ups. They also rent Dehumidifiers and Ozone Generators for humidity, water damage and odor removal.

McCampbell Analytical tests drinking water, effluent, soils, solids, hazardous waste, air, industrial materials and food for a wide variety of chemical compounds including organic, inorganic & metallic contaminants. Full metals capabilities, including ICP-MS, ICP, GFAA, CVAFS and CV/Hydride AAS.

Environmentally responsible pest control and general structural pest management services. Pursues inspection, exclusion, sanitation, use of tracking bait, trapping and other strategies first; considers pesticides a last resort. Uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. Eco-Wise Certified. Serves San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, Solano, Contra Costa and Alameda counties.

DSA focus is on sustainable design and the development of new strategies to reduce the environmental impact of our built environment. DSA specializes in sustainable strawbale designs, including custom homes, low cost housing, greywater systems, experimental vaults, commercial and institutional buildings, incorporating contemporary technologies and new materials.

Full-service, home performance, general contractor, working with customers to identify areas of improvement in home comfort, health, and efficiency: performance testing, heating & cooling, insulation, moisture control, solar energy, and construction.

Pest control and exterminator in the San Francisco Bay Area. Providing Integrated Pest Management solutions, consulting and education to residential, commercial and government clients. We offer Green Shield and EcoWise certified services for ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, rats and wasps.

Factsheet on how to reduce temperatures during warmer weather. Includes energy-efficient and eco-friendly tips of all price levels.

Commercial/Industrial/Food Service/Health Care professional preventive-maintenance pest management programs maximizing public health protection. Green Pro Certified (they claim to go beyond IPM standards and processes. Check web site). General structural pest management. They service San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda Counties.

Eco-friendly house and business cleaning services.

Rainwater Harvesting Design, Installation, and Maintenance.

Monitoring, exclusion, sanitation, baits, least-toxic pesticides as a last resort. General structural pest management. Customer must ask about the method of control: may offer IPM. No longer works with termites. Serves Marin and Sonoma counties.

Installer of Cellulose Insulation.

Regular business that manufactures low VOC paints.

An international network of ecological builders who advocate the use of straw, earth and other local, affordable materials in construction. They believe that the solution to homelessness is not merely housing, but individuals and communities trained to house themselves. To this end, they organize and promote hands-on workshops and learning events, create educational books, CD-ROMs and videos, and partner with other organizations to build affordable sustainable housing.

An Oregon based natural building company focused on infusing the urban fabric with natural materials and empowering people to create their own healthy, natural and beautiful spaces.

Home Upgrade is an Energy Upgrade California program specifically for Bay Area homeowners and implemented by local county governments. Home Upgrade helps you identify ways to strengthen your home's energy efficiency. You'll learn how heating, air conditioning, insulation, water, and other systems can all work together to effectively reduce energy consumption and reduce energy costs. Rebates and incentives are available for home improvements that include air sealing; duct sealing; attic insulation; high-efficiency furnaces, cooling systems, and water systems; wall insulation; and more.

Regular business that carries low VOC paints.

Sustainable Building Consultant. Green certified. Morimoto Matano Kang Architects' range of experience includes custom homes, residential additions and remodels, office buildings, medical facility renovations, retail shops, and restaurants.

A detailed blog about a green remodeling project. Thoughts and pictures of transforming an arts and crafts style house built in 1922 to energy efficient, sustainable home. A journey of building science and permaculture learning.

They offer a range of services around environmental performance analytics, waste reduction, building efficiency, and greenhouse gas reduction/action plans to help organizations reach specific sustainability goals.

Customers must specifically ask for IPM service, including no perimeter sprays. Commercial only, no residential. This is basically a property management, building maintenance and janitorial service, offering general structural pest management as a part of their business. Serves Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties.

Water management and landscape designs for a sustainable future: - Storm water management, - Rainwater Collection System Design and Consulatation - Greywater System Design and Consultation - Irrigation System Audit - Smart Timers and ET (Evapotranspiration) Systems - Water Efficient Landscape Design and Implementation - Native Plant Consultation

Eco-friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

AlterECO creates unique and beautiful custom bamboo cabinets built to high standards of craftsmanship, utility and sustainability.

Factsheet on air quality pollutants and solutions in the home.

A non-profit hub for information on green building in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing advice and referrals for green building professionals, methods, and materials. They promote building materials made from sustainable and/or recycled sources and have listings of green products and contractors. Also provide trainings for green building professionals, offers a Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP) class for California licensed building professionals, and Certified Green Real Estate Professional Training. Currently they do not have posted public hours. Call 510.845.0472 to set up an appointment. Build It Green's activities are focused on: * Promoting collaboration and achievement of mutual goals among the major stake holders in the housing market to increase the supply of green homes. * Raising consumer awareness about the benefits of green building to increase the demand for green homes. * Providing Bay Area consumers and residential building industry professionals a trusted resource for information on Green Building and its various applications. There is a directory of green builders on website, including contractors that do remodeling and small jobs.

DIG Cooperative offers integrated water systems and comprehensive natural building solutions that transform the urban landscape into a healthier and more productive environment for current and future generations. Specializes in: Water Conservation Audits & Water Efficiency Retrofits Rainwater Catchment Systems Greywater Irrigation Systems Storm Water Management, Erosion Control & Flood Mitigation Low Impact Development (LID) Urban Farming & Gardening Systems Watershed Stewardship & Restoration Practices California Native Plants & Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Factsheet on non-toxic ant control methods. Recommends using boric acid or borax bait stations as opposed to pesticides.

Timberland Tree Care performs everything from routine tree trimmings and emergency tree removals to fence repairs, sod installation, sprinkler repair, walkway installation, pest control, and so much more. We service the Walnut Creek area and beyond, so give us a call to speak with one of our live, local tree specialists today.

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