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One way to check the recyclability of your gift wrap is to ask yourself if it passes the Crumple test. Crumple or scrunch your paper into a ball. If it crumples well, it is most likely recyclable. If it is difficult to crumple, because it opens-up again, it most likely is not recyclable. Another method is the tear test. If your gift wrap tears like a standard piece of paper, it is most likely recyclable. If the wrapping paper won’t tear, or you notice a plastic-like layer, it is most likely not recyclable. Holiday wrapping paper is often dyed or laminated and can also contain additives, such as coloring, glitter and plastic, making it low quality material for recycling. Gift wrap often has plastic tape on it as a part of the gift wrapping, and the tape is not recyclable.


One way to cut back on gift wrap during the holidays is to reuse materials you already have. Consider using newspaper, magazines, calendars, or linens to wrap your gifts. Tissue paper is also a great option, and mostly recyclable. You might also save your gift wrap this year, to use next year !

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Conventional gift wrap can be a major source of waste, generating an additional five tons of waste during the holiday season.

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