Updated on July 23, 2020



The Berkeley Transfer Station at 1201 Second Street (Mon-Sat 8am-430pm) is accepting carpet at the regular refuse rate. Because it will be recycled, the carpet must be clean and dry, debris-free, rolled separately from padding, and cut into manageable sections (4' is ideal). No wet or moldy carpet. No tack strips or small pieces of carpet. No carpet tiles, rugs, or carpet padding.

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Use for as long as possible before disposal and replace with a hard surface such as tile or wood for easier maintenance and longevity.

Use area rugs, with separate non-slip backing, so both might be recycled properly when worn-out. Consider a natural material (cotton, wool, etc.) rug, rather than a synthetic rug.


Most unwanted carpeting (most of which is synthetic) is landfilled or burned, and both processes negatively impact the environment.

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