Napkins & Tissues


Updated on January 9, 2020



Put those tissues in the green compost cart, unless they have cleaners or other toxics on them. If they were used to clean up non-compostable materials (like bleach, windex, or petroleum based materials like solvents) put them in the grey landfill cart.


Use washable cloth napkins, and use handkerchiefs or tissue books instead. When you do buy paper napkins or tissue, look for 100% recycled content and/or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified.


Fluid-borne pathogens on tissues will dessicate and die in most commercial compost processes, which reach approx. 160° F. Napkins and tissue made from recycled material are easy to find and are usually comparable in price to paper made from virgin material. Recycled paper not only leaves forests in place, but it also requires less energy and water to create than paper made from virgin material.

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