DIY & Classes

DIY & Classes

Satisfy your inner do-it-yourselfer with these programs and tools.

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Add a New Coat of Paint

If a piece of furniture looks worn out, consider giving it a simple makeover, such as reupholstering. Even adding a fresh coat of paint could brighten up any old furniture piece.

Building by the Handful

Shawn and Melissa Rae King have been building with earth, demonstrating, and teaching others in earth building and earthen plasters for more than four years. Projects include multiple earthen ovens, earth benches, and tiny earthen houses. Shawn has trained both at Cob Cottage Company and at Cal Earth. Both Melissa and Shawn are instructors with Cob Cottage Company and have worked closely with Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley as well as other members of the Cob Cottage Company teaching community.

Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT)

Buck house exists as a laboratory for appropriate technologies: systems include a passive solar greenhouse, recirculating aqua culture system, kitchen greywater recycling, rainwater catchment system, and more. CCAT also offers classes in sustainable living.

Columbine School of Botanical Studies

A website containing an extensive compilation of links to herbal medicine and botanical websites, and offering classes through the Columbine School of Botanical Studies. Also includes information on protecting your rights as an herbalist.

Docs Populi

Online archive of progressive poster art.

Earthroots Field School

Earthroots Field School is a non profit that provides outdoor, hands on classes for children and adults in Southern California.

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse accepts donations of "unique discard" materials for kids' art projects. They sell file folders, binders, recycled paper, and other reclaimed art and office materials. They are a nonprofit agency that collects materials and redistributes them to community at low cost. Specializing in art materials, books, small furniture, frames and garden artifacts.

Ecosa Institute

Education in ecological design through a total immersion program for graduate and undergraduate students.