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Aaron's Rain Barrels

Online seller of affordable rain barrels that connect directly to your rain gutters' downspout tubes, have threaded brass spigots and overflows (for garden hose). They sell exclusively online (to cut out the middleman) and offer free, fast shipping (to anywhere in the U.S). They can create custom designs.

Accutest West Coast Laboratory

Accutest Laboratories is a nationwide environmental testing laboratory that tests water, soil, and air as well as many other specialized tests. Drinking water tests offered: Inorganic Chemistry (Perchlorate only).

Alternative Solutions, Inc.

Alternative Solutions, Inc. sells food grade containers that can be used for rain water catchment systems, composters, grey water systems, emergency drinking water storage, and much more. They offer sizes ranging from 2.5 gallons up to 275 gallons. They have two locations.

American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association

Promotes rainwater catchment systems in the United States through educational opportunities and the exchange of information at Web site and nationwide workshops.

American Rivers

Leads conservation efforts to restore and preserve rivers for future generations.

American Tank Company

A California-based manufacturer and retailer of water storage tanks.


Online source for rain barrels. Aquabarrel's rain barrel designs are developed by actual users of rain barrels. In-Stock rain barrels range in size from 30 gallons to 214 gallons. Carries downspout filters, downspout diverters, first flush roof washers, and mosquito control products too. Offers inexpensive parts kits (drill bits included) for making your own rain barrel.

Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA)

Largest statewide coalition of public water agencies in the US with over 430 members. Represents over 90% of water used in California. Promotes best water management practices via research and advocacy. ACWA’s involvement at the state and federal level has helped shape laws and policies that affect ACWA member agencies and their customers. Check their website for upcoming workshops, seminars, and other ways to get involved.

Bill Wilson - Environmental Engineering

Environmental consultant who offers comprehensive environmental planning and engineering, wastewater and water quality planning.

Biosolutions, Inc.

Based in southern California, Biosolutions offers products and provides installations for various rainwater and greywater systems, including wastewater reclamation and management systems for Municipalities, School Districts, Industry, and Residential Developments as well as individual homeowners.