Campaign Yard Signs

Campaign Yard Signs
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Most campaign/ political yard signs are made of a corrugated polypropylene (#5) plastic sheeting, with a steel wire stand. The corrugated plastic sheeting should also be taken to the Berkeley Recycling Center. 9am-3:30pm Mon-Sat.

If you are lucky enough to post a paperboard yard sign it may also have a steel wire stand to prop it up in your yard. To recycle these, you will need to separate the various components (paperboard from wire, or corrugated plastic from wire) before it will be acceptable. The paperboard should be placed in the paper side of your blue cart. The wire stand is recyclable but can NOT be placed in the blue cart. Instead, all wire materials may be recycled as scrap metal at Berkeley Recycling Center 1231 Second St, in Berkeley. (All rigid metal wire materials [e.g. wire hangers] must NOT go into the blue cart, since they can cause injury to recycling workers and may get caught in the recycling machinery, causing repair delays.)

Wooden standards (posts or stakes) can be placed in the green (yard waste/ compost) cart (unless they are plywood or pressboard, which are landfill).


Before tossing your campaign sign, consider saving it for future use. You could attach a new message to the board and use it to promote a special event. A local school or nonprofit organization may be able to use the sign, too. If you don’t want to save the entire sign, you may be able to reuse the wire stand for future signs.

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