Organic matter will be taken to an industrial composting facility where it will degrade and made into a product available for fertilizer or soil. By composting properly you are giving back to our planet the nutrients it needs to feed us.

Featured items

Branches, Shrubs, & Twigs
Coffee Grounds & Filter
Food Scraps & Spoiled Food
Fruits & Vegetables
Meat & Bones
Pizza Boxes
Uncoated/BPI Certified Paper Plates

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Branches, Shrubs, & Twigs
Christmas Tree (Not Flocked)
Coffee Grounds & Filter
Compostable Bags
Compostable Cups, Plates, Bowls, & Utensils
Cotton Balls, Q-Tips, & Swabs
Eggs & Eggshells
Flowers & Floral Trimmings
Food Grease
Food Scraps & Spoiled Food
Food-Soiled Paper and Cardboard

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